Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wander World (NES)

Wander World was my thesis project for Graphic Design: create an entire video game franchise, including product/label design, package design, screenshot mockup creation and even advertisements. It was a great exercise and study in the way companies marketed videogames throughout the past 30 years. 

Lots of extra drawings and photos behind the link!

I had to show them lots of planning graphics, especially considering it wasn't even a real game...and while I don't generally adhere strictly to the limits of the NES/Famicom technology even with my recent projects, I was even sloppier with this project!

various character concepts.

I printed the label on plain white paper and spray mounted it to the cartridge...looks like crap up close. The box however was printed on Epson Premium Photo Semigloss paper and it turned out great...if only the paper weren't so expensive I'd use it for everything.

Doing the back of the box was probably my favorite part of the project.

Mockups of different box designs. Looking back on it now, the one I went with is actually my least favorite.

Concept drawing that I considered using for the package.
Thanks for looking. If you'd like to see the other games in the Wander World franchise (including entries for Genesis, PSX and Xbox 360), kindly follow this link to my old blog.