Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Constellation, page 3

Who's house was it? Why was the treasure chest trapped? What is that lizardman reading? None of these questions will be answered.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Constellation, page 2

Exie continues deeper into the ground, coming across a cozy looking house and a lizard man who doesn't want to be bothered.

Nebulous Bee (1981, arcade) branding project

Let's play Nebulous Bee! What, you've never played Nebulous Bee? Have you played Galaga?

Then you've played Nebulous Bee.

Fellow blogger VGJUNK brought the SHAMELESS Galaga bootleg to my attention on Twitter sometime last year--its wonderfully odd name captured my imagination so much that I was sad to see there was no official logo for it. I got a kick out of the idea of putting more effort into Nebulous Bee than the distributors of the game did, so I went ahead and made one.

I'm also a sucker for yellow/black color schemes and hexagon motifs. After the logo was finished I wanted to do it one better and make some "official art" for the game.

I think it'd work well rearranged into a marquee illustration. Lastly, I took the illustration and made a horrible cheesy 80s/90s arcade flyer for the game:

Blast off and fight the evils!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Constellation, pg. 1 (animated pixel art comic)

Hi! Long time no see. After the year began, I lost all motivation to make new stuff for a long time. However, I am now making new stuff again.

Here's a comic done entirely in pixel art--I thought to myself, "I want to draw a story, but how can I make it 10 times more difficult and tedious for myself?" Here's page 1.

The comic is about Exie, a "gem witch" that I'm using in some other projects that I'll talk about here later. Mostly this comic is a way to practice with pixel art, varying image resolution (either having a larger canvas to work with such as the last frame here, or a very small work area like the first frame) and especially a way to pack in some fun video game references/sprite designs. Hope you like; the next page will be up in a few days!