Friday, February 21, 2014

Constellation, pg. 1 (animated pixel art comic)

Hi! Long time no see. After the year began, I lost all motivation to make new stuff for a long time. However, I am now making new stuff again.

Here's a comic done entirely in pixel art--I thought to myself, "I want to draw a story, but how can I make it 10 times more difficult and tedious for myself?" Here's page 1.

The comic is about Exie, a "gem witch" that I'm using in some other projects that I'll talk about here later. Mostly this comic is a way to practice with pixel art, varying image resolution (either having a larger canvas to work with such as the last frame here, or a very small work area like the first frame) and especially a way to pack in some fun video game references/sprite designs. Hope you like; the next page will be up in a few days!