Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steven Universe: Crystal Gems series (Famicom)

I’ll admit I was stubborn about watching Steven Universe at first because I’m a dick when it comes to new things, but it won me over big time. Excellent music, beautiful art direction and character designs, and the characterizations themselves really surprised me! If we can get more female showrunners it’ll be interesting to see what cartoons are like in the future.

"Never stop attacking!!"
Use Amethyst's crystal Whip to battle a seemingly endless wave of enemies in this blindingly fast sidescrolling brawler. Keep your multiplier up by whipping em quickly. Attack, attack and attack forever!

"End it in one punch!"
How hard can you hit in this arcade style collection of minigames? Collect powerups to boost your gem Gauntlets and blow them all away in one shot!

"No one can do it all alone!"
Use Pearl’s gem spear to defend Steven as he barrels carelessly through 8 perilous worlds! Can you handle the pressure of protecting a boy with no concept of self-preservation?

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