Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gotta Go Fast 2012

Here's a poster I did for a video game race between me and my brother. We ended up playing through Castlevania as a warmup, then Super Mario Bros and Mega Man 2 for the competition. Keep reading for more photos and stuff.

My brother buckles under pressure. For my part though, they were by far the best runs I'd had on all three games. I was pretty proud of my 16:40 clear time on Castlevania, not that it would impress anyone on a resume.

I looked at hot rod art, Rat Fink etc. type of stuff for ideas since it was a race. I like the illustration but the space could have been better used here!

Both were games that we were pretty familiar with, but just to keep things brisk I made these instructional cards and posted them up between the two TVs. Unfortunately I don't have the printed versions anymore.

It's fun to do these things every once in a while just to keep in practice (for design that is, not for competitive video game playing).