Saturday, March 2, 2013

16Shot Legend 2012

This poster was a blast to make! I'm absolutely stupid over Hudson Soft--the first third party developer for the Famicom, the main force behind the mighty PC-Engine/Turbografx 16, creators of Bomberman, Star Soldier, Binary Land and tons of other stuff you've played and the company that introduced Takahashi Meijin ("Master Takahashi") to the world. Takahashi was a Hudson employee that sort of became the face of the company, most well known for his "16 Shot" technique of pressing a button 16 times a second. I've tried but damn if I can't go any faster than 12 per second.


Anyway, the poster is based on Hudson's "All Japan Caravan Competition" they held back in the 80s and 90s, where they would lug the newest (usually shootemup) games around the country and hold score attack contests. I had a lot of fun doing the HUDSON BATTLE VAN using only one color. Good practice! The contest never happened, but I bet I would have won.