Monday, October 28, 2013

New Leaf inspired Famicom cart: Suniekos Scramble

Hot on the heels of SWEATPANTS FOR EVERYONE is my second "Your Mayor Here" Animal Crossing: New Leaf inspired Famicom cartridge! This one was a giveaway prize for someone on Tumblr. Her favorite animal is Punchy and she asked that I work her town's name "Suniekos" into it somewhere, so I came up with a track-and-field style racing game where you have to beat the other villagers to the town's new snack bar.

 I made some New Leaf inspired stationery that I unfortunately didn't take any good photos of...maybe another time. I'd have liked to have shown the mayor's face on the cartridge, but I asked for a screenshot of her favorite outfit so scary jester mask it is!

Bonus Famicom action shot. Let's see what's being played on the TV shall we?

I guess Punchy ran out of Stamina or something? I'm testing the waters on Tumblr to see if anyone would be interested in commissioning me for one of these--wish me luck.


  1. How do you make the carts? Do you just paint over old ones? (If so, which ones? Probably common ones like that Pro Yakyuu game.)

    1. New labels over old carts--only games that are both common and not useful anymore such as sports games and some dirt-common RPGs like Dragon Quest (pictured above) If it's a "game" game like a platformer, I couldn't bring myself to deface it even if it's a bad one.

  2. This is all sorts of awesome, Jeremy. Great job as always! BTW, are you talking about people commissioning you for mock Animal Crossing Famicom cart labels, or actual mock AC Famicom games?!?