Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Famicase 2016 - a few of my favorites

It's summer, and you know what that means. No, dummy, I'm talking about Famicase

My Famicase Exhibition is the annual expo for artists and retro game fans to create an original cartridge design for an all new, all fake Famicom game! I missed it last year but am glad to be included this time--more on that next post. Today, I wanted to feature a handful of my favorite designs. This is no exhaustive list, either. Check the Famicase site for plenty of other great cartridges that I couldn't fit here!


It's Island Time! A super clean, super linear drawing style sets this apart from a lot of the more illustrative entries and I like the effect. The serene Moai head and bouncy logo give this a fun presentation. The premise of a game where you just relax around the world is a great idea too!

Elliot Gray 

Lovely logo design here. The splatter effect over the text gives an aged and gritty look while also serving as the broken glass from the window the figure is flying from too. Nice use of off-white for the label and cartridge, which meshes wonderfully with the distressed look of the logo. Reminds me of a vintage movie poster!


Just plain solid illustration and color work overall. Cool use of gradient in the character's hair that I'm totally stealing. The mysterious arm flying from her backpack and the sinister little faces appearing in her hair are a neat contrast with the cheerful style and suggests a dark, weird element to the plot of the game (that, being in Japanese, I unfortunately can't read).


Awesome premise! A dungeon crawler within the body of a giant monster that comes with the risk of even more monsters inside. I'm way into the color palette and the whimsical detail of using a stepladder to get into the monster's mouth is A+.

Daruma Studio

Can we call Spanish designer Daruma Studios "Mr. Famicase"? This must be at least their fifth consecutive entry to the show. The wonderful logo design and monochromatic illustration works really well with the choice of cartridge color. I dig the way the subject is so tiny on the label; it invites closer inspection and really emphasizes the feeling of the cat hero floating alone through space...or is it really a GLIMPSE INTO HIS OWN MIND???


I really, really enjoy the cute simplicity of this one. The thin line strokes and limited color palette give it a clean and timeless look that is evocative to me of Japanese style, though the submission is from the UK! This designer knows his shit.

I had a list of about 12 that I wanted to put here, but decided to keep it brief--there are LOTS of great entries this year (it might be the most participation Famicase has gotten to date).

I was particularly surprised to find that the six featured above is a very multinational collection! Only one Japanese entry, where I was expecting the majority to come from Famicase's home country. It really shows the universal appeal of being able to create your dream game (label).

More of the same old shit from me to come, including some photos of my Famicase entry from this year that you've already seen if you follow me on Twitter!