Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Dreamcast! I painted you pink

About ten years ago I had the idea to do a siiiiick black and red paint job on my Dreamcast and it looked like complete dog shit--mostly because I had no patience, knew nothing about spraypainting and used flat finish colors with no topcoat. Lots of paint scratched off immediately, followed by years of scuffs and embarrassment every time I looked at it.

I still know nothing about painting but I'm a little more patient and I have some 1000 grit sandpaper to smooth out mistakes, so I decided to go with something less brutal but much prettier!

Getting decent photos as always, was a chore, but you get the idea here. Going with a two toned pink look instead of two different colors was a better approach, and the gloss finish gives it a candy coating, jewel-like look that I'm way into.

I painted the Power and Open buttons the darker pink, then lightly sanded the paint off the face of the buttons so only the etched words and barely visible edges of the buttons were colored. Ended up being a pretty nice effect!

In the future I'd like to sand it smoother and put a glossy topcoat on the shell to really make it durable and bright. I'm bummed that there are still a lot of mistakes here but to the casual observer it looks pretty flawless, so I'm satisfied for now!