Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flash & Batman (Famicom, bootleg)

Well...Flash & Batman. I found this at the local flea market (and overpaid too; most single-game bootlegs are kind of value-less and worth only what you wanna pay for em) but decided it was finally time to get some pirate Famicom carts just for laughs. I love Batman's face on the label there--his "OH SHIT" look really inspires confidence. Flash on the other hand looks absolutely sinister.

So, what were you thinking Flash & Batman would be? Were you expecting a rom hack of Monster In My Pocket? Neither was I. As you can see, these are emulator screenshots, so the cartridge unfortunately isn't some undiscovered bootleg gem. I decided to play as Flash (AKA Frankenstein's monster in the original game).

 I'm actually surprised they changed the character sprites for the intro cutscene. It isn't explained where Batman & Flash got that giant TV though.

 Stage 1: Batman      In My House