Friday, July 19, 2013

New Leaf: My First Month In Town

The Animal Crossing train keeps on rolling here--if you're watching, and you don't like AC, then I apologize and also you should like AC. I wanted to do a "serious" fanart of the game rather than the comics I've been drawing, so I did a group shot of my character and all the animals who have lived in my town (Shady) since I started about a month ago. Hope you like it, it consumed my stupid life for a couple days.

A couple of favorites:

I didn't think I'd care much for Dora (the mouse) at first, but by the time she said she was moving out she had become one of my favorites. Unfortunately I was on a trip irl and didn't get to talk to her on her last day! I felt guilty, haha.

Bruce is the deer on the top right; a "grumpy" type villager. The way he was always wandering the town with a shovel at 3 AM and living in a garage led to a running joke that he was a serial killer. He's still wandering around town at night, but he tends to be watering flowers nowadays. He always seemed like such a quiet, polite boy.


  1. Dude, this is awesome. Like, seriously. Def one of my favorite pieces of fan art you've ever done!! And that BASS man!

    Also, Bruce is a fucking goat. Come on now.

    1. I called him a goat until the internet said he was a deer! I don't even know what's going on anymore

      Thanks a lot! It's one of my favorites too, it was nice to actually just draw a picure again for once. There's a running joke in the animal crossing series that if you want to catch a fish, there's a 90% chance it'll be a bass.

  2. I agree with Steph--this is awesome! Keep up with these awesome New Leaf-inspired illustrations, OK? They're AMAZING!