Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elsewhere: Labyrinth of Cemetery (Famicase entry)

  This game is so spooky it's bleeding everywhere
Here's my entry for the 2013 Famicase show! 

Elsewhere: Labyrinth of Cemetery (Ribbon Black, 2013):
"This is an eerie place known only as Elsewhere. Can you help Muscadine escape the Great Graveyard or will she become its newest resident? Six levels of platforming and exploration."
I had a blast making this, and it was good to use an old character I used to draw years ago (also seen in my SNES cart for March of the Dead). The label was a decent bit of work to do but the real challenge was the mockup screenshots. After I made one, I thought "why not make it move too?". Working with the restraints of the NES hardware as always is a fun, extremely time consuming puzzle.

More images behind the cut.

Another of my Famicase ideas, "Bird Walk", in the background.
A simple loop I made from the other "footage"

Thanks for looking! Being in the Famicase show has been a dream of mine for years now, and when their website for this year goes up (eventually) I'll link it so you can see all the other entries too.